Friday, November 30, 2012

need to beat the cheat!

Last night, my folks stopped in for a visit on their way home, and I fed them cake. And not just them... I had my own 3 slices. Seriously? That flour and honey is NOT on plan, girl! Grrr... and of course, this morning I hadn't lost weight, either. Whaddya know? Cheating isn't very rewarding. Shouldn't I know this by no and nix those old patterns? Yep. Back to the plan today- with a couple Satisfying meals to start off with. Buttery eggs, cheese, and turkey with a kefir-cocoa-cranberry-coconut-gluc smoothie. Right now, I'm eating my beef sirloin on a bed of romaine and happy peppers (ok, they're the sweet colorful ones, but they're so cheerful looking!) LAnd don't forget the pepperjack and my sister's tasty salsa :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

that un-lovin' "morning after thanksgiving" feeling

About Thanksgiving... well, I admit to cheating. Big time. And as I knew- I totally regret most of it. I don't feel very good, and I kept putting off getting back on plan. Yeah. When we got home, I was 145 again :( Nope, it didn't feel too good to be back there at all. So, I've been thinking about how miserable it is to always eat junk at holidays- and not even within reason! Instead, I dream of a white Christmas where there's some nutritious, yet legitly tasty!, indulgences available. Where I celebrate Jesus' birth by giving, hanging outside with family & friends throwing snowballs, and feeling alive and fit!!! I don't remember EVER doing well with my food choices at Christmas. So... are you with me? How about this Christmas, we bring healthy to the buffet. Let's set some new traditions for ourselves and the next generation. I want my baby to grow up differently. Buuuuuttttt... because I have LAME self-control, I'm gonna need BIG help. Because any day now, we'll be getting a package from my mother-in-law. Oh, and what's in this package? Loads of goodies. Stuff Americans don't make. The real deal, amazingness that is so hard to turn down that, even as I write this, I don't think I will. Any suggestions on balance during the holidays would be really appreciated. Plus, I can see that you're here... I know y'all are reading this, but a few comments would help me feel less lonely- more purposeful. Thanks!

back to 142

Where to begin? After being derailed by Thanksgiving (still finishing that confessional post) and coming down with colds, I'm happy to say that I have been doing better than ever following the plan. However, I haven't been exercising much at all to my disappointment and frustration. After returning from Thanksgiving with my family and my sister's copy of the 30 day Shred, I tried it out. Dude... my abs hurt bad... and since then my stomach's felt icky off and on. Which, I might, isn't a common occurrence since cutting out most grains. It really helps my digestion! So, what do I eat? Breakfast was an E smoothie: frozen banana, whey powder, yogurt,flax, cocoa powder, bit of peanut butter, and glucomannan- a super thickener with fiber. Lunch: sweet potato w/a couple slivers of regular potatoes, sliced turkey, clementine, two sweet peppers w/ a dab of coconut oil, and a glass of kefir.

Friday, November 16, 2012

addressing the morning after election night

Something about my sinful nature has to be addressed this morning, because last night I did nothtbut go against all that I know about nutrition. It made sense in the beginning... use up my old white sugar and white flour in a couple baked treats to share with my friends (half of whom are guys and have faster metabolisms, right? Or who eat that junk anyway... right?) Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be touching it. The popcorn would take care of me. And if I did nibble on something, well, I'm starting a diet- so I shouldn't feel too bad. Well, after a couple cookies, two pieces of cake, lotsa popcorn, and a bowl of chex mix, I was disappointed in myself. It just seemed like the old failures rising up again. Phrases like, "Ha, nice self-control you've got there" and "good luck with your diet :P" tend to haunt me after these times. And I fear losing control again. WHY?

the first week

141 lbs. I know I said that it was "day 1", but I didn't really begin until the beginning of this week. My birthday cake (a nice, German affair with egg yolk-rich frosting with a couple sticks of butter and plenty of sugar to round things out) is somehow NOT in the book. LOL. So unless you have more self-control than I do, don't do what I did. Since then, I have been eating more according to the Trim Healthy Mama way. And it seems to be working well, though I take liberties every day.for example, ii am still using my old Skippy natural which does have sugar, eating some bananas (but not nearly as many as before!!), and not necessarily spacing out the S and E meals as delineated. But it sure seems like I'm losing, so I don't think I'll worry about it. If there's one thing that's hard to get used to on the plan, it's the fat. Don't get me wrong; I love it- but after years of hearing that fat is bad, it seems too good to be true to be able to have a meal of eggs, cheese, and avocado fried in coconut oil. Wow... soo tasty!!! My other problem is pancakes. Yes, they have a nice pancake recipe, but I've made them twice and both times I had to chip the cakes out of my frying pan!!! Not too much fun. I may just throw in the towel on that one since pancakes are more time-consuming than oatmeal or eggs, anyway. Smoothies... ah, another old favorite. I used to throw a few frozen bananas, good spoonful of pb, yogurt (aka yogie), and cocoa in the Ninja and whip it up. I had smoothies a LOT. But now, since bananas and my pb aren't so kosher on this plan, I get more creative. I just have to figure out how to make kefir and whey taste a-okay ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

day 1

144 lbs and 5'8". Female, early twenties. Wife and mother to one. This is a diary of my journey to health and fitness. I'm basing my food choices on Seren Allison & Pearl Barrett's new book, Trim Healthy Mama. You will never see a picture of me or my family, or even hear our real names, but know that this is not fiction. I will do my best to be real with you so you can also know the joys of living healthy and fit. I'm excited to finally find sanity and size 6 instead of regret and tummy trouble (both inside and out!) I can't in good conscience post everything I eat or how much since I'm not that well-organized and would rather spend my limited time elsewhere. I will try to give accurate updates on my progress and report numbers of S & E meals. Once in a while I may also include something on my husband's journey as well. Cya soon!