Monday, December 31, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bein' real

Last night I confessed to hubby that I was struggling with temptation. Yes, those aliens in the closet (aka forbidden sweets!!!) were singing their siren song. So my sweet hubby brought me stollen, lebkuchen, hazelnut almondies (my moniker for them), and almond honey lebkuchen. Yep, go ahead and Google them! Oh, yeah, and a couple crescent yummies that prolly contain almonds, too. I definitely enjoyed them all, but the sugar high afterwards? Not so much.

This morning, the scale didn't turn on me, but I know I shouldn't cheat anyway. Besides, once in a while is different than all the time. Still, I was motivated to do the Spew routine. Afterwards, I mixed up some protein powder, strawberries, gluc, and the rest of my green tea in the Ninja. What a great pink, frothy whip! MUCH better than when I threw the protein powder in water and stirred. Believe me- it's not tasty!

All I can say is that the Spew and subsequent refueling is incredibly fast and makes me feel great and motivated! I will be quite impressed if I get marked results from such an efficient routine.

As always, I'd love to hear from you, especially you fellow THMs! Let me know how it's going for you and if you're blogging about your journey, too.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stayin' on track ;)

So I have not been hiding in our closet eating those yummies. Nope! And yesterday morning's weigh-in was... 139. This really excites me because I don't think I've this low in three years or more!
Today I'm either going to get outside or do another workout from THM, even though I'm still pretty sore from the other day.
Cottage cheese is one of my besties on this plan! It works for either S or E (fat or carb enhanced, basically) meals and Fuel Pulls- which bust your own body fat ;)  I love it in smoothies, desserts, main dishes, salads, as a topping... whatever! However, I don't appreciate all the ingredients, like diglycerides and such. Does anybody have a recommendation for a purer cottage cheese without having to spend a lot?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Work it!

This morning I nervously/excitedly drove to the post office to pick up a special package, containing oh-so-tempting things. Like cookies and stollen. Oh, not so normal cookies, either. My generous mama (in-law) sent these homemade German goodies just like last year, and they are less sweet but much richer than American traditional treats. So naturally, as soon as I got home, hubby and I dove into them and I definitely ate my share. Yum-o! Afterwards, I did Serene's "the Spew" and some resistance band workout. Oofda ;) I'm not sure what kind of self-control I'm going to employ against these goodies... any suggestions for not going too extreme either way? They're not on the plan... just sayin' :P

Friday, December 7, 2012

My fave new snack

Okay, so this is the chocolate  Muffin in a Mug, with some peanut butter and Reddi Whip. Yummy!!! I've become slightly infatuated with this- but it's so tasty and FILLING!!! I'm telling you... I went to another party tonight where I didn't snack on anything but a few grapes. That isn't normal for me at all, and I feel so good practicing self-control. You can do it, too!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lunch the THM way!

So here's my S lunch... romaine w/olive oil, apple cider vinegar & a little pepperjack, Fooled Ya pizza, and Pumpkin Treat w/ a bit of Reddi Whip. Yum! The last two are recipes in the book. I admit the pumpkin didn't turn out great- I pureed my own and tried to drain it, but it was still pretty soggy. Meh, oh well!
And good news... back to 140. That took too long. Let that be a lesson to me next time I feel like cheating for several days!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm happy to say that day 2 of running went well... it totally lifts my mood to go outside and get moving! Try it yourself ;) I'm tired of providing lame excuses for myself to not exercise, because there will always be a rather good one. There's always gonna be something else worth doing, somebody who could be contacted, whatever- but I'm telling you not much in life is good if someday you can't do something because your body's shot. So get movin'! Here's to my mom for gearing up to ski this winter for the first time in decades. I'm so proud of her :) Okay, off to bed I go! Cya later!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

White beer?

I'm really stoked this morning- for reasons that surprise me. Did you know (don't laugh!) that there's an app for training for a 5K AND another for Blogger? These are gonna make my life so much easier! Anyway, I finally went for a run this morning with the running app (I'll just call her "Margie"- since it's a female voice and sounds more personal.) And Margie told me when to walk and when to run, no guesswork needed! Yep, I like it.
So about the pic... yes, my hubby likes Guinness; no, I don't. But it does hold a pretty amazing peanut butter-kefir-whey-gluc smoothie, which is great if you're time-crunched and need decent fuel. Because I'm nursing, I have to go right after a feeding, get dressed, run, stretch, shower, and get dressed again. Not to mention that there's usually a mess needing attention (today it was the kitchen) and if I had to sit down and eat breakfast, I doubt I'd be able to get that all done before somebody small needs second breakfast :)