Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adjusting for allergens

My little one has had eczema for awhile :( After talking to my sister, an RN, and researching, I decided to cut out dairy for a time to see if the condition got any better. To my surprise, I didn't see an immediate improvement in my child, but in myself! I've dealt with various gut issues for years, and I'm much more, ahem, normal now. My biggest question is whether or not raw dairy would be fine for me, and my LO. (Is that an abbreviation? I'm not quite with it when it comes to all the shortcuts in the blogosphere ;P)

Anyway, for now I'll remain completely dairy-free for two weeks, keep monitoring myself and LO- whose eczema does seem to be lessening- and see how it goes! Miss my yogurt!!!

One of my biggest challenges lately has been staying faithful on THM... if I don't eat enough protein, I so easily snack like crazy and gain weight again! I've buckled down again and things are going well. I'm not sure I tolerate Blue Diamond almondmilk very well because my stomach went crazy after I had had a choco pudding this afternoon.

While I did work out pretty well for awhile, I haven't been lately due to joint stiffness/fatigue all over. If anyone has an idea what this might be, please share your thoughts!!! I'm wondering if it's general inflammation due to leaky gut.

How're y'all doing? Oh, and the pic is of cream cheese cauliflower with yard sausage... the color comes from turmeric. I was craving mac 'n cheese with sausage, so I subbed cauli. The textures and taste was different, but Hubby loved it so I was happy!