Friday, January 2, 2015

Does it really matter?

I try to be crunchy and natural, folks. I do a lot of things now that years ago, I would've turned up my nose at. Placenta pills? Cloth diapers? Oil-pulling? Eating liver? Fermenting bread? And so on and so forth. But last night and today, while changing my daughter out of a leaky cloth diaper and all her clothes, and reading angry comments debating the vaccinations (practically giving me a headache), I thought, hmm, which of these things really matter? In light of eternity, I mean. Will God ask me about the amount of chlorine in my baby's diapers or why I ate my placenta (hey, some folks think it's cannibalism!)??? Sure, we need to make wise calls in all our decisions. But are we spending more time freaking out about these things than spending time on our knees, so to speak? I have been. I want my focus to change in 2015. To trust Him in spite of my inadequacies. Because of them. To know I'll never get it all right, but He loves me, cares for me, and cares about my children more than I ever could.